About Charissa

Charissa Littlejohn was born in California and relocated to South Florida at a young age. She attended Morningside Academy, a private high school, and excelled in basketball earning herself a Florida All State rank for her school. After high school, Charissa pursued her dreams working for BMG Models, a modeling agency in Los Angeles and later relocated to Las Vegas to further her modeling opportunities.

Charissa learned early that her figure and height lends itself to fashion, swimwear, lingerie and fitness and to that end has made it a life goal to be in the best shape she can be, allowing her to pursue a variety of broad projects including photoshoots, video assignments, brand ambassador, and more. She now has over eight years of both domestic and international exposure.

While living in Las Vegas, Charissa surrounded herself with a close group of Air Force members, as she learned more about the military, she was irrevocably compelled to join. Following her military training, Charissa was assigned to Yokota Air Base in Tokyo, Japan. In Japan, Charissa was trained as an EMT Medic working in the Emergency Room, but was later selected as a candidate for Protocol Specialist working closely together with the base Commander. As a Protocol Specialist, Charissa planned and coordinating events, inaugural visits, joint conferences, and logistics for cabinet members, congressional delegates, and other government officials including the President of the United States, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State, Secretary of the Air Force, Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force and many more.

After actively serving 5 years in the Air Force, Charissa relocated to South Florida to pursue a career in Healthcare. She is presently enrolled in a Master’s program and expected to graduates in 2015 with a degree in Healthcare Administration. Modeling and Fitness continues to be her passion, with her ultimate goal to be a successful model while getting in the best shape of her life and helping others achieve their lifestyle goals along the way.

When it’s time to relax, Charissa enjoys spending time with family, friends, and her two little schnauzers: Toby and Ollie. Charissa’s also likes to partake in local activities such as basketball, salt-water fishing, outdoor camping, riding motorcycles, and extreme thrills like bungee jumping, sky diving, snowboarding, and shooting at the gun range.

Charissa is a loving, fun girl who strives to bring the best out of those around her. She is determined to stay focused and motivational no matter what challenges arise.

Current Location: Los Angeles